Pink Herbal dyed Organic cotton Yoga towel


 Leela towels are woven with a slightly soft texture for high absorbency and quick drying. The quality of the yarns ensures that these towels will never smell musty, they will stay soft and nice for many years to come.

These airy towels are ultimate multi – taskers. Perfect as pre or post yoga practice towels as they dry quickly. Suitable as a prop in adjustments during asana practice or perfect blanket for savasana.

No limitations in using them as a beautiful scarf, picnic blanket or gym towel. They are a great alternative to micro-fiber ones.

The towels are made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by Indian Artisans.

Our towels are infused with the goodness of ayurvedic herbs to provide the mellow and soothing colours along with the calming therapeutic effect on your mind and body every time you use them.

Towel is soft, super absorbent and infused with extracts from plants. No chemicals, no synthetics, no softening agents, just natural fibers infused with ayurvedic herbal dyes.

What makes our towels so special when compared to mass produced, chemically treated?

 Leela towels are made with the gentle techniques used in our artisans weaving process. They have prana.

Product Details:

·       100% organic cotton and natural ingredients make it completelely eco-friendly.

·       Free from synthetic dyes and chemicals.

·       Herbal dyed to infuse goodness of nature using Ayurvedic principles.

·       These herbs provide antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties to have a calming effect on your skin.

·       Ocean friendly – no microfibers

·       Keeping the water clean – no harmful micro-fibers and dyes are released to the drinking water

·       Soft, light-weight, easy to carry and fast to dry.

·       Pieces which are made to last.


Width 90 cm x Length 160 cm (not including tassels)


450 grams

Care Details:

·       Our organic herbal dyes and best washed in cold water.

·       Hand Wash or Cold Gentle cycle, maximum 30°

·       Do not use bleach. Wash with mild detergent, preferably natural washing powder

·       Line dry in shade.

·       Color variations may occur due to natural process of dying.


Herbs and plants used in our towels:

Punica Granatum aka Pomegranate– immunity booster, having anticancer and antiviral properties. We use pomegranate peels to give yellow colour to our towels.

Rubia cordifolia aka Manjistha Pink – known for its cooling, antiallergic and rejuvenating properties. We use it to bring light pink colour to our towels.

Indigofera tinctoria aka True Indigo - known for its antibacterial and antiseptic capabilities. Is a primary for the natural blue hues in our towels.

Azadirachta indica aka Neem – known for its purifying properties, used for treating skin diseases. Is a primary for the beige tones in our towels.

Lawsonia inermis aka Hena – well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its treating the itchiness. We use it to bring dark green colour to our towels.

Leela Divine play is bringing you products done by nature.

All Leela products are done by humans not by machines. Every piece has heart, a lot of energy and human effort in it.

With every purchase you are supporting traditional craftsmanship.

The use of herbal dyes prevents pollution of main water sources in the rural areas.

Thank you for helping us save the environment with your purchase of a fair trade and non-toxic product. With every purchase you are helping us to protect dying and weaving art of traditional hand weaving methods in India. You are supporting a livelihood for our artisans and their families.