Yellow & Green Traditional Mysore Leela Yoga rug


Hand woven & Traditional

  • Hand-loomed in India by local manufacturers
  • Using a rug will allow you experience traditional roots of yoga practice. Cotton rugs were one of the first accessories for ancient yogis.

High quality & Durable

  •  One of the biggest advantages of natural cotton is that when it gets wet, the strength of loom increases by 20 %
  • Thanks to special knit style, the rug holds its form, its durable and doesn’t break even during most intense practices.          
  • Primarily suitable for intense Ashtanga Mysore yoga classes but also perfect for all kinds of yoga – Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, HOT or Bikram yoga, including outdoor classes, and beach yoga.

Superior Grip when sweating: Non-slip mat

  • The more you sweat the more you grip!
  • If you sliding on the rug, sprinkle/spray little bit of water over area where you place your hands and legs before practice!
  • Please, use on top your regular yoga mat or carpet you have at home to prevent slipping when using on surfaces such as hardwood, laminate and tile floors.

Hygienic – washable

  • Easy to maintain. Hand wash or washing machine on low temperature – we recommend 30°C
  • Hang out to dry to prevent shrinking
  • Hang outside on the Sun or during the winter close to radiator or chimney
  • Good and clean surface for sitting practices - meditation, jappa or chanting classes.
  •  If you having difficulties with sitting position – you can roll the rug which will give you higher place to sit on.
  • Don’t put in dryer!

Easy and light transport

  • Easy to carry! Only 1.3 KG compare to heavier regular yoga mats.
  • You can fold it or roll it and put it in your Leela Yoga bag or backpack.
  •  Perfect buddy to travel the World!

Colorful and Enviro-friendly

  • Our 100% cotton yoga mats are the best surface for your practice and gentle to your skin.
  • Natural cotton is very friendly option towards the environment
  • Doesn’t contain any microfibers which pollutes the Oceans
  • 100% Biodegradable

 Unique design

  • Not only yoga accessory, but also design piece to decorate your house or kids’ room. For kids it’s better to play on natural materials, which helps them to get know the real nature and create long term connection towards environment compare to artificial materials (PVC)

 Zero waste

  • Our rugs are made from ‘’over left’’ looms from bigger projects. Since we want to prevent waste and save environment, we are using these looms for creating unique and colorful yoga rugs.

Large size mat

  • We are making our rugs longer and wider to provide you with enough space for your practice!
  • It’s a bit heavier than yoga towels, but that’s actually what we need! Thanks to the weight of the rug, you will be sure that the rug will not be moving around during your practice – where you place it in the beginning, on that spot it will stay until the end of the class.

Indoor & Outdoor

  • Our yoga rugs can be used also for outdoors activities. Enjoy your pick-nick or time on the beach with Leela yoga rug!