How to dry a cotton yoga mat?

How to dry a cotton yoga mat?

One of the biggest assets of yoga rugs is that they are super sweat absorbent.

The sweat or other water which will come by during your practice will get into it very easily so you can finish yoga class in total comfort.

But you may ask, "Ok, if the water gets sucked in – how do I dry my yoga mat or yoga rug?"

Here are 3 tips how to dry a yoga mat

Dry outside on the sun

Yoga mat and yoga rug drying outside on the sun

Depends on your condition – if you live in a city or in the countryside you might use your garden or balcony to dry your yoga rug in the sun.

Preferably, not on the strong direct sun because most of the yoga mats are plastic which means they might melt on the sun. On the other hand, yoga rugs are ``''sun-friendly'', exposure to direct sunlight helps to boost the herbs in the dyes - the herbs will activate and refresh themselves. But we dont recommend exposing your yoga rug to strong direct sun because of fading the colors out. Even in this case - choose the Golden middle way :) 

In shade with proper airflow

organic yoga rug hanging to dry. catlover. cat yoga

The milder approach is to hang it nicely in some spot where you have a proper airflow. It will take no time and your rug will be nice and dry like before. The flowing air will ensure that your yoga rug wont smell bad.

Hang it close to the radiator

how to dry organic yoga mat. yogarug. mysore yoga rug

In case you live in a colder climate and your apartment/house has a radiator – you can simply hang your yoga rug over a chair and move the chair close to the radiator. About 20-30 cm should be enough.

Slow and radiate heat will not harm your yoga mat and allow the heat to dry it pretty fast. 

"Can I put a yoga mat in the dryer?"

No matter how wet your mat or rug will be, NEVER EVER put it in the dryer. The fabrics of your yoga rug are very delicate and exposure to such a strong heat as a dryer might end up destroying your precious yoga rug. Whenever it comes to this topic = please always choose as harmless a possible way to dry your yoga rug. Otherwise you risk that your rug will shrink by a couple of centimeters. 

yoga rug vs yoga mat. mysore yoga rug.

We hope it was helpful for you!

In case you end up in this situation – you know what to do now 😊

In case you would need to Upgrade your Yoga gear – feel free to visit our shop.

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