What are the benefits of burning natural incense sticks during Yoga practice?

What are the benefits of burning natural incense sticks during Yoga practice?

We all love nice fragrances, we love nice smelling clothes, homes, food and everything around us.

Did you know that Good natural incense can not only bring pleasure to your senses but has many other benefits?

We prepared the list of the main benefits of using natural incense sticks in your space!

Creating energy flow in the Shala - the place where we practice

girl burning natural incense stick in yoga class

Burning incense can help the energy to move. Especially if you have a room dedicated for yoga practice or any spiritual practice like meditation it is important to keep energy moving.

Many times, when practicing we drop negative energy & heaviness from us into space around us. As we don’t want the energy to room around us too long, with the help of incense the energy can be dissolved in the space and be replaced for clean & new energy.

Burning incense in the yoga shalas and places where many people are practicing or doing some healing work is almost crucial. Many people – many energies. If somebody drops something we don’t want to take it on us. The incense smoke going upwards will dissolve all the negative & stuck energy in the atmosphere. Burning natural incense will move that energy away and wont let it stay.  

Cleaning our homes

Less is more! The more objects and materials we have in our homes, the more energy can get stuck there. It’s ideal if from time to time we can get rid of old & unnecessary stuff from our homes so we can make more space for some new & fresh energy. Of course, it is not always possible so burning the incense in our home can help us to move the stagnant energy away.

Stay present

Stimulating the senses is one of the ways which can help us to engage in the present moment & invoke meditation states.

Devotion & prayers

In the East indigenous cultures believe that burning incense sends our prayers directly up to the Spirit. In India, it is part of everyday life, there is not such a day without burning incense. It is part of devotional practices not only in the temples but at their homes.

The fire and smoke symbolize the offering to the gods. Whatever was given to us should go back up and complete the circle of giving & taking.

What are an incense sticks made of - what is inside?

rolling natural incense sticks. organic incense stick

Incense sticks are traditionally made from natural resins, bark, roots and dried leaves powders. These days when the perfume industry took over, the natural incenses were slowly pushed to the side. The synthetic incense has become so popular that most people do not even know the difference.

What is the secret behind natural incense & why perfumed incense sticks have no use?

Synthetic incense is not able to provide us with anything else than perfume. It can be only pleasurable for the senses. Anything that is only pleasurable for the senses is just an impression & imitation, there is no other deeper value in it. Natural incense is a hand blend of resins, gums, flowers, wood spices and oils which can actually create a sense of harmony in your home, Shala or practice room.

How are Leela incense sticks crafted?

premium natural handrolled incense sticks for yoga. organic sandalwood incense sticks

3 years ago, we went on a quest to find the ultimate incense sticks which would have not only the amazing fragrance but also all the other qualities. We have been traveling, exploring, smelling and comparing different kinds of incense. We were observing how our body reacts to them, how we feel when they are burning. Are they having aggressive smells hitting a spot in our heads causing headache?

I can say we tested dozens of them, until we ended up with the five fragrances (for the moment) which we really liked and decide to share it with the world.

  • Karnataka Sandal

    Sweet & Natural. An aromatic, premium blend that produces wonderfully fragrant smoke to gently fill a room with its particular unique scent.

  • Premium Sandalwood

    A luxurious, exotic fragrance with woody undertones.

  • Wood spice

    A masculine scent known for its ability to aid relaxation and contemplation.

  • Sacred Flowers

    A romantic, warm and comforting incense using only the purest high grade floral oils and petals.

  • Organic Nag Champa

    Resins, gums, essential oils from various flowers, and different blends of natural scents such as lavender, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, black pepper

girl holding pack of natural handrolled organic incense sticks

If all this sound apealing and you can not make up your mind - we got your back! You can get our TASTE PACK and save some $ as well :) 

It’s very important to have the product for cleaning your space without any negative energy in it. Therefore, we do our best to work with local craftsmen and women in India, where only the pure and natural ingerients are used.

organic handrolled incense sticks. natural incenses

The boxes are made from recycled paper, the incenses inside are also rolled in natural paper and instructions are printed on wild flower seed paper - when thrown away - it will disolve in soil and you get some pretty flowers! 

That is Top priority for us – happy people happy Yogis 😊

Did you learn something new from this?

Are you regularly using incense sticks in your place?

Let us know in the comments – or ask any questions if you have!

Love, Monika & Martin

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