The Best Suface for Yoga Practice

Cotton vs. plastic.

What feels better on your skin?

Yoga teacher sitting in padmasana on yellow herbal dyed yoga mat.Practice meditation under tree, wearing natural materials

During the practice at least some part of the skin is touching the mat all the time. Some time is more, sometimes is less but the contact is always there.

I can not express the feeling in words, you have to try what feels better for you.

Synthetic or pure cotton?

hands of girl practicing yoga hold perfect grip while sweating on yoga rug while staying in position downward facing dog

Once you will experience it you will not get back to synthetic mat anymore. The feeling, the smell of plastic and if you add sweat to it is even worse.

The touch can be therapeutic, train your touch to be more sensitive with being in contact with natural material.

Give your skin the best of the best with organic and herbal dyed rugs by LEELA DIVINE PLAY.


Say no to microfibers

colorful handmade GOTS yoga rugs in the yoga shala


Most of the yoga equipment is done from microfibers.

But what are microfibers?

How They are harming us and water we all drink. Microfibers are nothing else than petrochemicals which are 100 x finer than human hair.

Every time we wash these clothes and yoga towels - invisible fibers are released into the water, even the filters in the washing machines are not able to stop them.

So yes, basically the more microfiber clothes are in circulation, more contaminated the water gets.

And it is not only about the new ones we buy, the ones we have and wash are all the time losing invisible fibers – which subsequently go into the drinking water – ocean - becomes food for fish – fish end up on our plate with plastic included.

Increase your awareness about this important topic of micro-plastics and watch this 3-minute video.

Leela: can ensure you that no micro-fibers are being used in our goodies.

You can use them – wash them – use them again …..and go like this for many years not harming yourself, fishes, water nature…anybody.

Be conscious about the ingredients in your yoga accessories and yoga wear!!!