Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

yogis talking after practice in the garden using the meditation towels to cover themself and drying their yoga mats


Is the yoga rug non-slippery?

  • Yes, it is! That’s one of its biggest assets! The more you sweat the more grip you get.
  • If you are living in colder climate or you don’t sweat during practice that much and you feel that you are slipping on your rug, We got a great Tip for You! Spray or splash little amount of water on your rug – in the area where you place your palms. The water will increase grip of the rug and you wont be slipping.
  • Yoga rug has slightly different features than yoga mat and it requires some time to get used to it. But once you do, you will not go back to yoga mat ever again. Please read about instructions how to use yoga rug here. 
Is the yoga rug slipping on the wooden floor?
  • Our yoga rugs are made out of pure cotton and we don’t use any anti-slipping-super sticky materials on the bottom of the to hold it on the surface. In general, the cotton will not stick to the wood. In case your yoga studio doesn’t have carpet surface – try to use older yoga mat under your yoga rug or other bigger carpet which you have at home.
Can I wash it? If yes - How?
  • We suggest to wash the rug before first use. Same like you would wash your clothes when you bring them home from shop.
  • We suggest to Hand & Cold wash. Especially first few washes use only bucket and your hands! It may release some color. Later on short washing cold program - max. 30°C (only rugs from eco/upcycled collection)
Don´t worry, it is not a complicated process, you just have to understand how it works and be more gentle when washing ! 

    What keeps it from sliding around, bunching up, etc?

    Is this any different than a small yoga towel/blanket?

    • The main difference is size, weight, thickness and material. It's a solid piece of rug -185x75cm with 3 mm thickness.
    • The weight is around 1.3kg - depends on the thickness of the looms - since it’s artisanal the weight can vary.
    • Also the cotton gets a bit heavier when absorbs some moisture - so you get more grip, and the rug itself will “stick” more to its surface.
    • Due to its size - it's bigger than other mats, rugs and towels - you have enough space for your practice therefore you are not “bumping to its corners and edges” which causes bunching.
    • Another important factor is that most yoga towels are made of micro fibers = plastic. That’s why it slides so much. The plastic doesn’t “hold” on the floor, nor on the mat and you are sliding on it as well.  We use organic cotton and herbal dyes. Soft to skin and harmless to nature.  

    When you will have New Arrivals?

    • That depends on the demand. We are continuously updating and re-stocking.
    • Since each and every piece is hand made, sometimes it takes some extra time to manufacture. Workers are doing their best with their own pace. We are not pushing them. You know how it is...sometimes you have better day - sometimes not :) 
    • If you would like to get the Heads up about New pieces – visit the section on our page and leave us your email! You can find subscription button at the bottom of the page. We will notify you once we receive the Fresh stuff!

    Can I choose my favorite color of the rug?

    • Yes, you can! In the collection of our #organic yoga rugs you can see and pick colors you like! We are working directly with the dyers of the yarns therefore we can design the colors which people like the most. Currently we have 6 color variations available. 
    • If you have any suggestion for color combination please let us know in the message. We will appreciate your input - and you can become a designer of New collection of the organic rugs ! Isn't that great?  
    • On the other hand, #eco friendly yoga rugs are based on the concept of ‘’unity in diversity’’ – we never know what kind of loom color will be over left, therefore we cannot predict the colorful combination. Each and every rug is unique !
    What is the delivery time?
    • Depends where do you want it to be delivered. We dispatch your order in max - 48 hours after placing the order. Usually sooner than that.
    • Then it all depends on the final destination where will be rug delivered. We using door to door delivery courier services.
    • For orders with Europe it take maximum 7 working days.
    • For International orders (outside Europe) it might take 14 days. If there are some restrictions in traveling/flights it might take up to 30 days.
    Is it possible to order and pay on delivery?
    • No, we offer various options for your convenience in our store. You can pay by card, bank transfer / transfer wise or pay pal. We hope you will find at least one of them which works for you.