Cleanliness - Bringing Saucha into your life

washed clean white cotton towels hanging outside to dry on sun. organic handmade yoga towels best for yoga practice

Yoga is not only a work with a physical body, it's a spiritual practice. Most of the time you working on your Mind. 

Practicing on a clean rug is part of Sauca – cleanliness.

My teacher once said:

''You have to love your practice, not being too attached, but take care of it and everything that is coming along with it.''

Cotton yoga Rug is easier to clean than the mat. Mat is almost impossible to wash. For me it is absolutely crucial to have a washable yoga mat, it is the same feeling like sleeping in a freshly washed bed :) 

Rug is like a bed sheet – when you need it, you are them. You do not wash the entire bed (mat).

If you are sweating more, keep rotating 2 rugs so you can wash them often and prevent that sweat will set in.

You can think - microfiber ‘‘yoga‘‘ towel might do the same thing, right? But washing them often might be an issue for the planet.

Owning a cotton yoga mat is an eco friendly version for the towel because while washing it only natural, easy to biodegrade fibers are released into the water. 

If you wanna know more about microfiber pollution click on the link above.  

You can also read more about how materials are affecting us and our yoga practice here. 


Girl resting during her yoga vinyasa practice on organic cottom mysore yoga rug in Balasana pose. Also known as Child pose