Traditional Surface for Yoga Practice - Mysore Yoga Rug

Ashtranga Yoga teacher sitting in siddha yoni asana on yoga rug on the red floor. Practicing Pranayama practice

Practicing on a cotton yoga rug isn't something new - say what?!

Yes, you see it right - there is almost nothing special about it.

But at the same time, it is becoming special again because it was forgotten for some time...

Back in the days, when Krishnamacharya and other Ancient Gurus were  teaching -  there were no yoga mats, no cork mats, no extra super sticky mats we have these days around.

They practiced standing sequences on the floor, sometimes on the woolen or cotton carpet, and they would grab a rug or blanket for seated postures.

I know, everything is evolving and you can not stop the technology, but sometimes you realize that the technology is harming us more than actually helping us. 


A Man, Yoga teacher sitting in padmasana and performing gyan mudra. Sitting on the PVC free organic blue yoga mat

That's what happened with yoga mats & yoga rugs

Plastic yoga mats were introduced to the market when yoga started to be part of the fitness industry. Early in the 70's Yoga started to find its place in the Western world, in the sport area - Gyms mostly, and became more and more popular. 

And you know how it is working in the gym -  you come, practice in sneakers, sweat on the mat, wipe it up with a towel and go home. Maybe not even that. Many people in the gyms are not using their towels, nor cleaning after themselves. 

These mats in the gyms were probably never washed. There is not much time to do it so there..and that‘s what we have slowly adopted.

It's definitely challenging to focus in the huge gym with the blasting music and people lifting weights. 

Yoga practice belongs to a calm and clean environment where we can easier reconnect with our inner self. By using eco friendly and natural materials we are creating suitable environment for our mind & body to fully focus on our yoga practice. 

To conclude, yoga rug is nothing new, nor any special technology is used.

By practicing on the rug we just go back to the basics! 

Ashtanga Yoga teacher performing primary series surdhva dhanurasana pose. Practicing on latex free yoga mat