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YOGASUTRA 3rd chapter | Chanting workshop from 2nd Sep. | 8 sessions + 4 individual classes

YOGASUTRA 3rd chapter | Chanting workshop from 2nd Sep. | 8 sessions + 4 individual classes

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Third chapter of Yogasūtra of Patanjali - VIBHUTI PADA + FREE PATANJALI POSTER for every participant !

Chanting is creating positive vibrations in our body & brain which is positively influencing our psychological wellbeing. It helps to reduce negative emotions and release stress.
These classes are suitable for you if you have completed previous chapters but also if this will be your first time learning to chant the Yogasūtra.


At the beginning of the workshop we will talk about: 

-what are yoga sutras 

-what is chanting - yoga of sound

-why is it important to chant + benefits of chanting

-why to practice regularly & how to develop a regular chanting practice

Followig classes: 

During our 12 session course, you will learn how to recite the full third chapter of Patanjali yoga sutra, with emphasis on correct Sanskrit pronunciation enabling you to chant the sutras by yourself and being able to implment it into your daily yoga practice. 

This workshop is mainly practical, therefore we will dedicate 99% of the energy & time to practice the chanting.

The chanting will be taught in traditional method, how it was passed to us from our teacher and exactly how he was taught by his teacher - parampara. 

We will learn the exact sound of Sanskrit words. This is a very important part, since in Sanskrit even a small variation in tune can change the meaning of the world.  


  • Total duration: 12 hours
  • 2 X per week for 1 hour - Saturdays & Sundays during 4 weeks
  • 1 X per weeks for 1 hour INDIVIDUAL CLASS with each participant where we will focus more on corrections and individual struggles if any

       1st week: 2. & 3. September

       2nd week: 9. & 10. September

       3rd week: 16. & 17. September

       4th week: 23. & 24. September


 11.30 - 12.30  CET (Central European Time)

  • Early bird - 97€ 
* this price is valid until 13th August (Sunday)

  • Full price - 117€


Roman transliteration of the first chapter sutras will be provided as well as opening prayer to Patanjali. 


Recordings of the chanting will be available after every class. We strongly encourage you to join every class as it is very important that we hear your chanting and can correct you. 
Recordings are ment to be available for you in order to continue your practice during the week. 

It would be ideal if you would dedicate 1 hour daily throughout the week to practice what we have learned in the classes. It is important to create a strong impression at the beginning and also you will proceed much faster. 

As per traditional methods, students are repeating new chants after the teacher 10 times a day for 10 days. In this way you can really grasp the sound properly and continue the practice later on. 

Every participant of the workshop will receive Patanjali poster for FREE based on their own choice. 
If you wanna know more details or have some doubts if the chanting is suitable practice for you, drop us a message and we will respond as soon as possible or we can also arrange a call and talk :)

Looking forward to see you on the classes!




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