Divine play
Unity in diversity

''Leela can be translated as a divine play - 

describes the reality and cosmos as a play of the supreme, who is fooling around with us. 
Same concept should apply in our practice, don't take yourself too seriously, let things go and just play.''

Leela Yoga Rugs are traditional hand-loom cotton rugs which are used for many decades in local yoga shalas all over India not only in Mysore. 

The Mysore rug absorbs sweat and prevent practitioner from slipping. 

Its natural non-slip surface for any type of sweat practice or yoga. 

 Ashtanga rug is the most traditional thing which survived with practitioner until nowadays. 

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
    Adho Mukha Svanasana Sun salutation
  • Kurmasana - First Ashtanga series
    Kurmasana - First Ashtanga series On the rug you can easily slide your heals when getting into the position
  • Marichyasana A - Ashtanga primary series
    Marichyasana A - Ashtanga primary series Worshop with Mozart Reina, Siargao, Philippines
  • Virabhadrasana B - Standing sequence
    Virabhadrasana B - Standing sequence Ashtanga practice with Mozart Reina in Siargao, Philippines
  • Process of weaving Leela yoga rugs
    Process of weaving Leela yoga rugs Each Leela rug is made by hands. It takes up to 4 hours to make one.
New Leela colection

Our concept

Leela is built on the concept of unity in diversity.    

Each Leela rug is different in colors but unique in design and properties. On the first sight you can recognize that they are from same family. 

It may look like unsustainable in a long run, but opposite is true. Everybody resonates with different colors, and each rug finds it's buddy for practice....

Our story

Leela yoga rugs are originally made in India, in the state Tamil Nadu - one of the biggest cotton producers in India. 

Our rugs are made of spare cotton looms from bigger projects. Since we want to prevent excessive waste and save the environment, we are using these looms for creating unique and colorful yoga rugs....

                                      Each one of them is UNIQUE and ORIGINAL.

Preparation of threads for weaving Leela rugs
Preparation for sun salutation on Leela rug

Why Leela yoga rug?

Yoga rugs were used traditionally to practice yoga, before yoga mats came with fitness industry.

When the mat gets slippery in humid environment and with excessive sweating. Rug gives you more grip.

Strong knit style will ensure long life of the rug. You dont have to change it every 3 years. It can easily last up to 8-10 years...

Keep your rug dry on the open space

Washing and maintenance instructions

Should you wash the rug before first use?

We suggest to wash the rug before fist use. Same like you would wash your clothes when you bring them home from shop.

You can find more specific information about how to care about your Leela yoga rug in blog section.

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