8 ways how to use your yoga rug that dont include yoga practice

8 ways how to use your yoga rug that dont include yoga practice

Have the rug but don't want to keep it all alone when not practicing asana?

Here is the list of what you can use it for!

Meditation - perfect way to enjoy your meditation. By folding a yoga rug you will get an extra cushioned surface for sitting or kneeling during meditation or prayer.

Camping or Picnic - Take it outside! The rug will serve you as a protective layer between you and the ground.

Pilates - As a non-slip surface for doing Pilates or other floor exercises at home.

Take it to the beach - perfect protective layer between you and dirty or wet surfaces when traveling or at the beach. Remember you can always wash it to keep it clean!

Kids love it! - As a play mat for your beloved ones! Leela rug provides soft and safe space for them to play.

Workout - As a mat for doing yoga or other exercises outdoors, to provide a little extra cushioning and grip. As a comfortable and padded place to do floor exercises or stretching.

Home Decor - Make your space more cozy with the hand-loomed rug. It is real craftsmanship which brings a warm feeling to your house

Pet friendly - no matter if dogs or cats. Our furry friends love the softness and smell of yoga rugs. Allow them to enjoy some nice rest on it as well!

As we are practicing yoga to become limitless.

The same way you can use your yoga rug!

Let us know, for what other purposes do you use your yoga rug?


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