Girl practicing on Organic Cotton yoga rug on wooden floor.

Yoga rug vs yoga mat - Is the yoga rug slipping or non-slipping?

Ladies in yoga studio practicing warrior pose(virabhadrasana) on yoga rug on the rubber floor.

Yoga rug vs yoga mat? What should I choose? These are the question we all wanna know!

We decided to take a closer look at the frequently asked questions regarding slipping on Leela Yoga rug.

In order to bring a bigger view, we will help ourselves and compare it to the regular plastic yoga mat. 

Let's take it step by step and put some light on this topic!

Does the yoga rug have some anti-slip under it so that it doesn’t slip on the floor? 

In general yoga rugs do not have any non-skid surface like most yoga mats, they are more likely to slide against the floor. 

Even though there are many solutions how to apply something ''sticky'' on the bottom to hold the yoga rug on the floor - we don't want to go this way. 

Creating a special herbal yoga mat from the cleanest material and then putting some sticky plastic under it just doesn't feel ok. 

There was an attempt to use the natural bee wax to make the rugs stick - but that was also washed away after a couple of washings. Nothing in nature is permanent :)

Isn't the Yoga rug slipping on the wooden floor?

Girl practicing warrior pose(virabhadrasana) on yoga rug on the wooden floor in the Livingroom

Yoga cotton rugs and wooden floors don't create enough fraction.

Therefore, if you place the cotton yoga rug on a pure wooden floor it will slip. The grip might increase when the rug is wet but that's not 100% guaranteed. 

When we talk about wooden floors or marble kind of flooring, it's better to have something under the rug.

If the studios have carpets or any other natural floor the rugs stay steady. 
Usually, people have their own yoga mats which they bring to the studios so they place it under the rugs - then it's all good and the rug has a proper foundation. 

We want to stay as close to the roots as possible - unfortunately our houses are not designed for that anymore. 

In the ancient times when rugs were used commonly, the majority of the floors were from mud and soil so it was holding a yoga rug on the floor very well. 

Today's situation is different - mud floors were upgraded to marble or wood. And here we are with our situation. 

Luckily enough, most of us live in a house with some sort of carpet! 

White Yoga rug rolled out on the carpet in the hotel room.

You can roll out your Leela yoga rug on top of one of them! The carpet you have at home will provide you with cushioning and stability throughout your entire practice. 

Second option will be to place your non-skid yoga mat directly underneath the yoga rug. It will hold the yoga rug steady and it won’t move anywhere. On top of that will give you extra cushioning. 

This solution will protect your yoga mat and extend its life span since most of the ''work'' will be handled by a yoga rug. 

You don't need to buy a new yoga mat, you surely have one if you already practice. If you use yoga rug on top, the mat will stay with you a life time if not 2 or 3 :) 

How many yoga rugs do I need for my practice?

During my 5 years of practice I have still the same rug in which I started. I have 1 extra now, so I do not need to transfer it every time I go to India, so I have 1 at home one at the school. 

They do not look like they will need replacement soon, I bet they will stay with me 5 more years for sure if not more :)

Does the yoga rug still grip even when I am sweaty? 

What if I have sweaty hands and feet? (I suffer from hyperhidrosis  -  sweat continuously no matter the season)

Sweaty hands on the cotton yoga rug. Girl practicing yoga in the garden.

Yoga rugs, made from cotton, are simply more absorbent than non-skid mats.

Natural cotton is great water absorbent and also increases its strength by 30% when wet.

Therefore, not only you got the perfect grip - the more you sweat the more you grip - but the sweat which will drop on your yoga rug will strengthen the knit and rug won't break! 

Once your hands and feet start to sweat, you’re less likely to slip on a fabric surface.
Yoga rug will help you slide when you need and hold you when you need as well! 

On top of this, our Organic Yoga rugs  and Ayurvedic towels are dyed with Herbal dyes

That means that we are using only pure Ayurvedic herbs to bring the colors to our Leela goodies! 

Ayurvedic herbs preparation for dyeing of cotton yarns for organic cotton Leela yoga rugs.

Majority of the herbs and roots have skin soothing, calming and grounding properties - therefore, people with some special skin conditions and skin allergies found great improvement of their skin after switching from yoga mat to yoga rug!

Yoga rug vs Yoga Mat - Final break down

Yoga mat vs. yoga rug - comparison of the benefits

The slipping factor on the wooden floor is nothing compared to the gains you will get once you start practicing yoga on your new yoga rug from Leela. 

Properties from the plants, warm feeling when in contact with skin or extra cushioning while sitting positions. 

There are many more benefits from switching from yoga mat to yoga rug - you can read about it HERE!


Keep practice ON and take care of yourself! 

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