Controlled Mind gives you Fruitful Life

Controlled Mind gives you Fruitful Life

In the monotonous regularity of temporary existence in the world, human birth is the best vehicle for the attainment of liberation from repeated births and deaths.

Our Sastras show the goal as well as the ways to reach the goal. First of all, control of the mind and the senses is essential to achieve this end. For a sincere seeker to easily comprehend this requirement, various analogies are cited in our Sastras at relevant places. One of them is the analogy of the chariot. Here the Self (Atma) is shown to be analogous to the master of the chariot.

The chariot represents the body, the charioteer is the intellect, and the bridle is the mind. The horses of the chariot represent the senses, while the sense objects represent the roads.

Thus, it is shown through the imagery of the chariot that one will be subject to attain the worldly state of suffering when the senses are not under control. On the other hand, when the senses are under control, one reaches the end of the road - the destination - attaining the goal of human birth.

The metaphor of an unruly horse is brought out by stating that when an uncontrolled mind becomes devoid of discrimination, it will be like the vicious horse that can topple the chariot along with its charioteer. But when the intellect is powered by discrimination with a restrained mind, the senses get controlled like a good horse of the charioteer. For a bridled sense and mind, any object will appear to be good and a desire develops for it. Blinded by the absence of discrimination, man comes to waste his energies in the futile pursuit of illusions, while life passes away imperceptibly.

Hence the seeker should cultivate the ability to see the worthlessness inherent in illusory worldly objects. Once the mind and the senses are quietened, distraction and craving cease by themselves. The goal becomes visible enabling him to approach a realised Seer, and the onward journey for liberation will begin. We bless everyone to understand the importance of sense-control and mind-control and lead a fruitful life.


Swami Ji 

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