Cotton yoga mat rolled on the chair

Cotton yoga mat

Cotton mats for yoga

Cotton mats for yoga might sound like a new type of hype.

But it is actually one of the oldest things Yogis have had around.

Is cotton yoga mat good?

In my personal opinion, it's not good - IT IS GREAT! The fact you can wash it whenever you need, and carry it easily around makes me love it more and more every time I roll it out. Additionally, the more you sweat the more grippy it gets so its perfect solution for a hotter climate or yoga practice like an Ashtanga or Hot yoga.

Which type of material is best for a yoga mat?

Technology and development provide us with more and more solutions. Cork yoga mats, latex free yoga mats, vegan leather are one of the alternatives to regular PVC yoga mats. My personal preference is cotton. Very natural, organic, soft and skin friendly. Especially I love the feeling of a soft surface. When lying in Savasana, it's comfortable and  warm compared to regular yoga mats.

What is the best thickness of mat for yoga?

That depends on how you are going to use your mat. Are you traveling around or do you stay at one place? Do you bring your own mat to the yoga studio or do you use ''common'' yoga mats in the studio?

Try to answer all these questions yourself, so the mat will meet your needs. The good thickness is about 4-5mm. Of course, everything has its own cost. the thicker, means heavier. 3mm is also usually enough, but when doing some yoga poses on your knees you may lack some cushioning and you will feel the floor more.

What is the non toxic yoga mat?

Non-toxic mat means yoga mat without using harmful material or toxic materials. Such as polyamides or toxic dyes. It is essential to look at the product as a whole - colors and material as well.

Most of the yoga mats on the market are created from polymere and polyamides. Which, proven by studies, are one of the possible reasons for causing cancer.

When you will be buying a yoga mat or clothes make sure they don't contain - polyester, acryl or olefin. All these materials are made from chemical substances which are harmful not only for the environment but especially for your skin.

Our LEELA yoga rugs are made from 100% organic certified cotton. On top of that, we use only herbal Ayurvedic dyes. Not only preventing you from harming your skin and senses but benefiting from herb's properties.

Skin soothing and relaxing properties will uplift your yoga practice. You will feel the benefits immediately when coming into contact with our rugs.

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