Fruits of Sadhana: A Flow from Divine Grace

Fruits of Sadhana: A Flow from Divine Grace

Embarking on the path of Sadhana is akin to the highest expression of true love. Much like the facets of love that demand sacrifice, vigilance, and selflessness, Sadhana calls for discipline, responsible freedom, and, above all, intense devotion. Whether your Sadhana is grand or modest, its efficacy hinges on the depth of your devotion. Yet, no Sadhana is feasible without the divine grace that underlies everything.

When the opportunity to engage in Sadhana presents itself, it's not just an event—it's a moment to be cherished and embraced with gratitude. As you progress on this path, every aspect of your being improves—devotion deepens, focus sharpens, stamina increases, and posture aligns. If your Sadhana is disciplined and fueled by devotion, rest assured, it will yield results in due time. Numerous spiritual tales abound with sages experiencing boundless divine grace. This grace is ever-flowing, and it's your role to tap into it.

Sadhana, then, becomes the art and discipline of collecting this stream of grace in a metaphorical vessel. This vessel, carefully positioned in the flow, determines how much grace is retained. It's a means to elevate your consciousness and quench the thirst of those in need.

As the fruits of Sadhana manifest, a transformative journey begins. Even the hardest exteriors crack open, making way for love and compassion towards others. Devotion requires a pure heart, for the purer the heart, the more profound the intensity of devotion. In the realm of devotion, empty vessels make a lot of noise.

Seizing the Present Moment

Looking at the lives of revered sages teaches us that life doesn't always offer closure. Waiting for the perfect moment to delve into devotion or spiritual practices is a gamble. Life seldom adheres to our envisioned timelines. The illusion of completing tasks before diving into spiritual pursuits is just that—an illusion.

The concept of 'I'll do it when I am free' or 'after certain obligations are fulfilled' is a precarious assumption. Time, or 'kala,' doesn't adhere to our plans. Life may not guarantee a passage for you to walk to the end of your spiritual journey as you imagine it. Waiting for a perfect moment in life, assuming it will arrive, or taking life for granted is a form of ignorance.

Lord Krishna's wisdom in the Bhagavad Gita emphasizes the importance of key aspects like Yajña (sacrifice), Dana (charity), and Tapa (penance) as foundational elements of human purification. Waiting for certain aspects of life to conclude before expressing gratitude, practicing penance, or engaging in charity is an act of ignorance.

The Wise Seize the Present

The wise comprehend the unpredictable nature of life and make the most of the present moment. Afflictions, diseases, and uncertainties are part of life's fabric. Seizing the present moment involves making the best use of what is in your control. While external events may influence your Sadhana, a significant portion remains within your purview.

Choosing to wait for an elusive 'perfect' moment might lead to missed opportunities. You possess everything needed for happiness within you. It takes courage to applaud your achievements, love yourself, and shed self-doubt. Recognize that you deserve the good in your life.

In the grand tapestry of existence, Sadhana becomes a dance with divine grace. It's an ongoing journey where each step, each moment seized, contributes to the unfolding masterpiece of your spiritual evolution.

Om Swami
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