6 Ways How can practicing yoga on organic mysore rug improve your skin condition

6 Ways How can practicing yoga on organic mysore rug improve your skin condition

Switching from a regular plastic yoga mat to organic cotton yoga rug might benefit your yoga practice.

But what's more impressive, it can improve your skin condition! 

Here is how: 

  1. Calming inflammation

    The relaxation and stress relieving effec​​t of yoga might lead to lower total body temperature. The calming and grounding properties of ayurvedic herbs infused in our leela yoga rugs can lead to improved skin health.

  2. Improve blood circulation
  3. Yoga Asanas on yoga rug can increase blood flow which can lead to healthier skin cell growth. Your skin will get a healthy glow.

  4. Stress reduction

    Stress has a negative impact on our skin. High levels of stress cause skin to dry which can lead to acne or eczema. By practicing on a soft cotton surface, the skin will calm down and thanks to stress relieving properties of Ayurvedic herbs in our yoga rugs your skin condition can improve significantly.

  5. Increased hydration

    Many reversed yoga asanas have a great impact on our nervous system. Our circulation system benefits from it as well! With better circulation the water, moisture and blood particles are distributed within the body which may lead to overall improvement of the skin.

  6. Reduced acne

    By releasing more stress-calming hormones during yoga practice, yoga practice can reduce acne breakouts. Which might be caused by high stress levels.

  7. Anti-aging benefits

    Proper breathing, improving the circulation flow of the blood and stress-relieving effect of yoga practice on organic cotton yoga rug will boost the creation of collagen in our body.

By increasing the level of collagen we reduce the appearance of the small wrinkles on our skin. 

It's important to note that the specific benefits of practicing yoga on an organic mysore rug may vary from person to person, and that maintaining a healthy skincare routine in addition to practicing yoga can also contribute to improved skin health.

Pamper your skin & senses! 
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