How long does it take to dry a cotton yoga mat?

How long does it take to dry a cotton yoga mat?

There are many factors which affect the time it takes to dry a yoga rug, such as – temperature, airflow, humidity and amount of water in your yogarug.
Duration of drying will depends if you washed your rug or if  its just got wet on one of your yoga classes.
Let’s break it down in following lines so we get better overview. 

How much water is in your Yoga rug - washed or wet?

Washed Yoga Rug

man holding washed yoga mat. organic mysore yoga rug

There are 2 ways how can you wash your yogarug


Handwashing your yoga rug is the most preferable way to do it. It’s very gentle to the fabrics and dyes as well. This way also ensures the longevity of your Leela yoga rug.  On the other hand, this method has a tendency to leave your yoga rug more wet since it’s a bit hard to squeeze all the excessive water out by bare hands.

Washing in the washing machine

This method is way more comfortable but you need to be careful with the programme you set the washing for. Make sure the temperature is low – 30 °Cand do not set it for high spinning. The rug will come out drier but still will need some more time before you are ready to go for yoga class.

We strongly advise you to hang the rug to dry – which will prevent the yoga rug from crumpling.

If we are talking about how much time does it take to dry your yoga rug after washing, we can say it’s from 2 - 5 hours.

As previously mentioned, – depending on temperature, amount of water and external conditions such as humidity. We strongly recommend you to have 1 extra yoga rug as an emergency. In case you are short on time or the conditions are not good for drying so you can still join the yoga practice the next day

Wet Yoga Mat

girl practices yoga on cotton yoga mat. sweat absorbent yoga mat

If your yoga rug is a little wet from a little sweat after practice, water from spray or from water spilled in your bag it will take up depending on the temperature - but if minor wet – it will take 30 minutes up to 1 hour to completely dry out.

 girl smiling after yoga practice. laying on yellow cotton yoga mat

Our Leela rugs are made from Natural Organic Cotton and the time of drying can be compared to drying out your clothes such as hoodies. The time always vary. In case you have any additional questions leave us comment below!

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