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How to use a Yoga towel?

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I'm pretty sure you may all have already heard about the yoga towels.

Probably, you have already seen a couple of them around your fellow practitioners.

You may say,

''Yes, I have seen them around but how to use a Yoga towel properly?''

Some people prefer using  light yoga towels from microfibers to spread over their yoga mats - in order to absorb sweat.  As you might know, it's not the best environmental nor healthy solution - but Yoga towels have much more to offer and support our yoga practice when we have them around! 

Here is the list of my personal insights on how I use my Leela Yoga towel during Yoga practice and how you can benefit from using yoga towel as well!

Yoga Towel as an Extended Body part

I perceive my Leela Yoga towel as a personal helper during Yoga practice. In the positions - binds especially - I use it to bind my arms easier. If it's a pose like for example - Marichyasana, sitting twist position - I hold my towel in one arm and wrap it around me and hold it with the other hand - to practice binding.

Then every time I practice I try to grab and move fingers closer and closer - so at one point I will be able to put the Yoga towel on the side and bind my arms together. In positions like - Pashasana (Noose pose) - I roll my yoga towel in a small ''cylinder'' and put it under my heels. Lifted heels in this position gives you more stability and binding arms behind back is easier. 

In case I have accumulated too much Pitta during practice and I sweat too much - I use my towel to wipe out the sweat from my face - to prevent burning sensation in my eyes from salty sweat. Or to dry out other body parts. In some asanas the body gets slippery and it's better to perform asanas with drier skin - for example Bakasana aka Crow pose.

Yoga Towel as an Teacher assistant 

Having a yoga towel by the side of your yoga mat or yoga rug is not only beneficial for you but also for your teacher. Some of the teachers are having ''special towels'' when teaching in the classes - but it's always welcoming to have your own, just in case. In such a case you know that the towel touched only your skin and no one else's. 

As mentioned before, once we start to sweat and the teacher gives us some adjustment  -  it's very practical to have a towel close so he can dry his hands. Sometimes the towel works during adjustments - to its extended part of the teacher's body. I saw a teacher using yoga towels while helping in backbends, Kapotasana or Pashasana.

It's recommended in many yoga shalas in Mysore to have your yoga towel when you come to practice.


Maybe you dont live in such a hot and humid environment like India. So you might say ''I dont sweat that much, so why should I use a yoga towel?"' Well, in case it's a bit colder where you practice, the Leela Yoga towel will be super supportive.

Once you are done with your yoga practice and you are ready to perform the last asana - Savasana - it's better if you cover yourself with a towel to not get cold. Body is very warm, try to protect yourself and let the body cool down very slowly. No extremes are good, remember  - from very hot to very cold. 

When talking about the sensation of cold - you can also put a yoga towel under you so you prevent feeling cold from your rubber mat. In case you practice on a cotton yoga rug, you have this issue fixed :)


Yoga towel can be used as a blanket during meditation. When the body sits still it's better to provide some termo protection so you won't be disturbed during the practice by external cold or wind. The more comfortable you are in meditation the more successful it will be. 

Our Leela towels are infused with Ayurvedic herbs which support mind calming effects - such as Neem or Vemgadam.


As mentioned in the previous part - being comfortable during practicing is important. Therefore when practicing chanting, japa practice, Pranayama or meditation you can fold and use the towel as a pillow. It gives you a breathable and soft surface for your practices. 

These were the main ways to use a Leela towel. I hope it helped you to open up more possibilities on how to use a yoga towel. In case you would like to get one for yourself. 

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How do you use your towel? 

Let me know in the comment section below. 

Have a great day,


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