Is a spiritual path suitable for me?

Is a spiritual path suitable for me?

As we are growing from toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults – to a state where we are now, we are constantly changing. Every single day, minute we are subjected to a change. Our body is changing, our mind is changing, our values are changing. There is something within us which does not change. This something, let’s call it ''essence’’, is all that time present in us, we are carrying it inside all the time.

Can you feel ‘’that’’ part in you which is not changing?

In life we learn many things, we also forget many things.

We gain many things; we lose many things. We become many characters; we also lose them when the time comes. Besides all that changings which are happening in our lives we carry something with us until the end.

If you can see that ‘’something’’ and you have enough courage to explore then you are eligible to come into spirituality. You can start searching for that essence – what it is and where it is coming from.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi


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