Surrender to Guru

Surrender to Guru

What does it actually mean when somebody uses such a strong statement? 

The All-Pervading Isvara's glory and powers are endless. He is the Supreme magician who is the creator of the world. Nonetheless, he is not affected by the world. In fact, He is the Truth behind this shadowy world.

A devotee's mind is purified by total surrender to Him alone. By whole-hearted surrender, his union with Isvara takes place and there will be the end of all his sufferings. For this merger with the Lord to happen, the devotee's mind should be purified by constantly meditating on Him, through love, bhajan, nishkama karma or Vedantic enquiry.

But in the process, there may be certain obstacles needed to be removed such as attachment to objects, lack of sharpness of intellect, wrong reasoning and futile obstinacy.

As no one can underestimate the power of the senses to lead even a diligent aspirant astray, by digressing to false justification and unnecessary compromise, it is always proper to seek the upadesa of a realised Guru.  Fire burns well after removal of the counteracting elements in the firewood.

Likewise, only after the obstacles are dispelled from the mind of a seeker,  meditation becomes fruitful. 

Once the defects are removed by total surrender to the Guru, the devotee's mind becomes pure and clear. He will remain contented and unconcerned by all external entities and  actions. 

This opens the window for Isvara's Grace to descend. Such grace paves way for the aspirant to remain in Truth. Thus the door of moksha will be within reach. We bless every aspirant to understand this and lead a fruitful life.

- Jagadguru 

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