YOGA RUG? - You might have already heard about it.

Yoga rug, yogarug or carpet for yoga. Or even cotton yoga mat. 

But is it all the same or are we talking about different things? 

let's have a look at it! 

What are the traditional yoga mats?

Yoga rugs are the most traditional surface for yoga practice. In the ancient times, Yogis didn't have the possibility of PVC or latex yoga mats. 

Therefore they were using animal skin, dharba grass mat or simple cotton mats. 

What are yoga rugs used for?

Yoga rugs were here for centuries and are still present up to these days. They are super popular among specific Yoga styles such as Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga or Hot yoga practitioners and meditators. 

Can you do yoga on a rug?

Of course you can! That is the best thing you can do! 

Doing yoga on the rug not only strengthens your body, improves your grip but brings more awareness to your practice. Since it requires a little more focus and effort to practice on it. 

In case you start sweating, the yogarug will provide you extra grip. Once it gets dirty you can wash it! So you always practice on the clean spot! 

Can I use a yoga mat as a rug?

In case you have enough space, you can keep your cotton yoga rug ''un-rolled'' and always have it ready for the practice. 

A Cotton yoga rug can be used as a regular rug of course - it is made from 100% natural cotton. 

Natural materials are the best ones to decorate our houses. 

In case you found a piece which will make your home cozy go for it!

It will be our pleasure to warm up your house with the presence of Leela Yoga Rug.

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