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DIGITAL Poster of Sage Patanjali (Ashtanga Yoga)

DIGITAL Poster of Sage Patanjali (Ashtanga Yoga)

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Introducing our Digital Patanjali Print – a captivating collaboration between LEELA founders Monika & Martin and esteemed Indonesian digital artist Ryan. This unique poster is born from the passion of Monika & Martin, dedicated yoga practitioners and enthusiasts who annually journey to India, immersing themselves in the teachings of Yoga Gurukula, a traditional school of yoga.

Inspired by a profound statue within the sacred walls of Yoga Gurukula (, this digital rendition captures the essence of Patanjali, the revered sage known as the progenitor of classical yoga. Patanjali's legacy includes the compilation of 196 aphorisms known as the Yoga Sutras, offering profound insights into the nature of human consciousness.

Adorn your space with the embodiment of wisdom and spirituality. Patanjali, often considered an incarnation of Vishnu, is depicted with four arms, a serpentine body, and a crown adorned with a thousand cobras. In his hands, he holds a conch shell and a disc, while a sword of wisdom and discrimination rests on his back. The remaining hands gracefully form the Anjali mudra – a position of prayer.

Elevate your space with this symbolic masterpiece that pays homage to Patanjali's multifaceted brilliance. As a mark of exclusivity, we request that you refrain from copying or sharing this art piece with those who haven't purchased it. Upon acquiring this variant, you'll receive an authentic digital version of the artwork. Feel free to print it in any format that suits your taste, enhancing your surroundings with the timeless wisdom and artistic beauty of our  Patanjali Print.

Thank you for your interest in our artwork. As part of our terms & conditions, I want to emphasize the importance of respecting outlined copyrights. The artwork provided to you cannot be copied, reproduced, or used for any further commercial purposes without prior written consent. These terms are in place to safeguard the integrity of our work and ensure that it is not exploited or misrepresented. I trust that you understand and will adhere to these restrictions, as they are essential for maintaining the value and exclusivity of the artwork. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms of use, please don't hesitate to reach out.




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