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PATANJALI SAGE YOGA POSTER | Half body | black & white | 31 X 44 cm (A3)

PATANJALI SAGE YOGA POSTER | Half body | black & white | 31 X 44 cm (A3)

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This Patanjali print was created as a collaboration of LEELA founders Monika & Martin & Indonesian digital artist Ryan.
Monika & Martin are yoga practitioners & enthusiast who travel to India every year to study in Yoga Gurukula, traditional school of yoga.
This poster was inspired by a statue placed in this school. (
Patanjali is considered the noblest of sages and the progenitor of classical yoga, having collated 196 aphorisms on the nature of human consciousness that came to be known as the Yoga Sutras. He is also said to have written a work on Sanskrit grammar called the Mahabhasya, as well as a treatise on Ayurvedic medicine. He is an incarnation of Vishnu and is described as having four arms and a serpentine body, protected by a crown of a thousand cobras. In one hand he holds a conch shell, a disc in the second. He has a sword of wisdom and discrimation on his back. The remaining hands are in Prayer - Anjali mudra - position. Even though relatively little is known about Patanjali, he is widely regarded as a Renaissance Man of his day.

Paper: Arena White rough 170g
Dimensions : 31 X 44 cm (A3)
Print Style: Digital Print - 1 color print
Vegan colors: soy oil, pigment, water based
Shades: Black
Print does not contain frame. Will be shipped to you in hardened tube so it will be well protected.




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