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The Most Body & Planet Positive Yoga Rug

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indian artisan is hand looming the yoga rug. Eco friendly, upcycled and herbaly dyed yoga a towels and rugs. Plastic free mat

What LEELA cares about

Together with Hand-loomers  & Herbal Loom Dyers we are creating Traditional Organic Cotton Yoga Rugs.

These ancient crafts are slowly vanishing due to high involvement of machinery in the textile industry & lack of interest from younger generation.

LEELA tries to keep the craft alive, use harmless materials – for the people and environment and provide Yogis around the World the Cleanest Yoga Rug Ever!



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Pure Herbs & Organic Cotton, Nothing else
Crafted by rural men & woman in Indian villages. 

TOP 5 Benefits of Practicing on Yoga Rug

Here's what you need to know when you thinking of making the switch from a regular mat to a cotton yoga rug

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Fusion of two Leela goodies: Organic yoga rug & Ayurvedic towel.

Leela Rug gives you a soft & stable surface for the practice. Leela towel will absorb sweat and keep you warm in Shavasana.

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    Yoga Mat

    ''Yoga Rugs That Might Make You Ditch Your Mat-For Good"

  • Eddie Stern

    ''Very cool how these guys are supporting local Indian artisans and using sustainable materials for yoga mats!''

  • ''This extra-large yoga rug is also light and foldable, which makes it the perfect travel companion. Plus, its sweat-absorbent with a strong grip—without toxic plastics.''

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