• Skin soothing & Grounding •
• Infused with Ayurvedic herbs •
• Planet & Body Positive •
• Micro-Fibers Free •


Feel the softness of pure cotton and enjoy bright colors which came directly from the plants. 
Leela: towels are made from 100 % organic cotton and dyed with ayurvedic herbs. 
Towels are made light weight so you can take them to your backpack when travelling or to your yoga practice/class. 
We use only clean materials to hand-weave the towels.
There are no micro-plastic fibers in them. 
Thanks to herbal dyes the towels are gentle to your skin as well as to the water we drink. 
While using them only the goodness from the herbs is released to your skin.
And when you wash them no-toxic substances are released into the drinking water.
The extracts of the plants just go back to the earth.