5 main reasons why to switch from yoga mat to yoga rug IMMEDIATELLY!

5 main reasons why to switch from yoga mat to yoga rug IMMEDIATELLY!

In the next lines I will share with you my thoughts why you should consider switching from plastic yoga mat to a cotton yoga rug.

You might think, what a new invention again... No it's not, it is an old good thing! 

Traditionally yoga was practiced on the cotton rug not a plastic mat. Actually yoga mat, as we know it today, is an invention. It started to be popular when yoga became part of the gyms. 

This fact might already tell a lot, right? Yoga in the gym? Whaaat? Yes, and that's why it looks like this, people who didn't have any knowledge about how yoga should be practiced came with this invention. 

women wrapped in plastic foil

#1 Did you know that your current mat might be made from toxic plastic!?

What to do about that?

! Stop using plastic yoga mats !


Because it is harmful to you as well as to the planet.

Most of the mats are from PVC which is one of the biggest carcinogens continuously releasing toxic substances into your body, through your skin .

If you practice on a plastic yoga mat, the small particles are continuously falling apart and are becoming part of a microplastic ocean ending up in the drinking water or on the land fields not being able to decompose, ever.

As well as a lot of chemicals like volatile oil compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are emitted from your mat when you practice, especially if your practice makes you heat up and sweat. These chemicals are known to cause serious problems, such as:

Headaches, nausea and dizziness, nasal irritation, allergic reactions, neurological problems, liver and kidney damage, cancer, and possible even fertility problems and miscarriage.

Get instead 100 % cotton yoga mat

Because it is gentle to you as well as to the planet.

It is made from pure cotton, no plastic is used in the production.

Once you are done with your mat, it will decompose completely.

Get yourself a super clean, handmade, non-toxic cotton yoga rug.

Woman sleeping on the bed with blue yoga mat next to her. Post yoga workout made her tired.

#2 Did you know that your plastic or rubber mat is making you weak?

Extra grippy and sticky mats are making you weak because you will stick to them and stop using inner muscles and stabilizers.

You can even injure yourself, because in the asanas like prasarita padottanasana all the pressure will end up in your ankle joint.

strong young man practicing yoga in old shala in Mysore, India. Downward facing dog on white organic cotton yoga rug

Get instead – strong core muscles which you will learn how to engage during yoga practice

Downward dog – Adho mukha svanasana is also performed more effectively in cotton yoga rug.

You have to engage your core and hold the position with inner muscles and udhyana bandha – only this way you will learn how to correctly use it and become stronger.


Cotton yoga mat is neither too sticky nor too slippery.


Dead fish wrapped in the plastic glow on the beach.

#3 Reduce the plastic waste out there!

What will happen when you throw your yoga mat?

PVC will continue emitting toxic chemicals into the earth and it is not biodegrade.

What will happen when you throw a yoga rug?  

It can naturally biodegrade without releasing toxins.

! Please don’t throw the yoga mat if you already have one! Use the cotton yoga rug on the top of your mat. In the modern houses where the floor is made up of wood or tiles it is a good idea to use the yoga mat under the cotton yoga rug so the rug won't slip.

Balasana yoga pose done on cotton yoga mat in the garden

#4 Exchange cold feeling of plastic mat for the warm cotton feeling

Your skin is the biggest organ! Feed it well ! 

Every material we are exposed to and having regular physical contact with is influencing us. You might not feel it immediately but in the long run you will see the effects.

These days we have gone so far from the natural materials, which can have a serious effect on our health. 

Being in contact mostly with artificial materials is making us go away from nature and from reality. There are studies showing that the materials we use can also have a positive or negative impact on our wellbeing.

‘’The term biophilia refers to the innate affinity of human beings with the natural world. From thousands of years of living off the land, humans have developed a deep rooted connection with nature, however the rise of urban living and man-made materials has put pressure on this connection as we have less opportunities to spend time in the natural environment. Stress related illnesses such as cardio-vascular disease and mental health disorders are on the rise and some experts believe this is in part due to our loss of touch with nature. ‘’

OUR TIP: Yoga rug vs yoga mat - Is the yoga rug slipping or non-slipping?

By incorporating natural materials into your daily life such as cotton or linen for your clothes or cotton yoga mat instead of the plastic yoga mat can make a radical changes in your life. It's said that wearing these materials can reduce stress and blood pressure while increasing creativity and productivity.

#5 Are you asking how to clean your yoga mat naturally without using any chemicals?

First of all, there is no way to clean a plastic yoga mat well. What you can do is only rub off the excessive sweat from the top of the mat, but the rest will stay inside the mat. After some time, the mat will become stinky.

Soap in the woman hands in the bathroom. Ready to wash the cotton yoga rug.

Get instead – easy to clean yoga rug

Yoga cotton rug is like your bed sheet, you can wash it whenever it is necessary. In the same way like bedsheet is working for your bed, the yoga rug is working for your yoga mat.

Here you go, these are the reasons why you should consider exchanging your yoga mat for a yoga rug.

If you are curious and would like to know more benefits about the practice on yoga rug check this article we wrote for you!

Transform your practice NOW!


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