8 concerns of people when considering buying yoga rug

8 concerns of people when considering buying yoga rug

Should I buy a yoga rug?

You might have heard of Yoga rugs before, it is nothing new. Trust me, they have been around for a couple of hundred years.

But you still practice on Your yoga mat and think if it would be a good idea to switch from the yoga rug? What are the most common concerns people have when buying yoga rug

Here is the list of 8 of them:


  • My teacher says, ''take care of your practice, and it will take care of you'' So of course, getting yourself a yoga rug is part of your everyday journey. It is very smart to go for the good quality one. Preferably natural materials such as cotton. 


  • Another aspect is to withstand your yoga practice. Either it is dynamic Ashtanga yoga or slower Hatha yoga flow. Keep in mind it needs to sustain the stress of the practice and will stay with you for a long time. 


Customers want a yoga rug that is comfortable to use and won't cause discomfort or irritation during their practice.

  • Very important part! Will you have proper cushioning and comfort during your yoga practice? If you don't like the cold sticky feeling of a regular plastic yoga mat, Cotton Yoga rug will give you the comfort you have been looking for! 


  • Size matters! One of the reasons we started Leela Yoga rugs was that, Martin, was too big for the yoga rugs available on the market :D We decided to create a yoga rug which will create enough space for our daily yoga practice.  Which will not compromise on the size and will provide enough space for whatever practice you do. 


  • Secure and stable surface for your practice is crucial. Cotton yoga rug will hold your back. The more you will sweat, the more grip you will have. On the other hand, whenever you will need to slide into another position, the yoga rug will not stop you. That is the beauty of natural materials! 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

  • People are often concerned about the cleaning part. And that is great! Cleaninles is a huge part of yoga practice. Leela Yoga rugs are super easy to clean. Rinse it in the water, or gently hand wash with mild detergent and you are ready to shine again! #practiceclean



  • As much as functionality, the overall look of the yoga rug is important. Since we consider yoga as an inner work - we are using minimalistic design which won't disturb your mind too much. Excessive colors and designs may keep mind too involved and disturb your yoga practice. That's why we prefer everlasting minimalistic design. 


Some customers may prioritize purchasing a yoga rug that is made from environmentally-friendly materials or is produced in an eco-friendly way.

  • As much as we dedicate time and energy to practice yoga on our rugs. We believe that yoga should be practiced OFF the mat as well. Therefore, our rugs are made in a way which does not harm - people or the environment. We are closely collaborating with traditional hand-loomers. We are trying to preserve this ancient craft which is slowly vanishing. Cotton used in our rugs is certified and herbs which are used in the dyeing process are locally farmed. Our yoga rugs are environmentally-friendly and made in an eco-friendly way.

Those 8 points were very important when designing our Leela Yoga Rugs.

We hope that we managed to clear out all the concerns and doubts!

Take care of yourself 

Love, Monika & Martin 

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