How to wash a yoga mat?

How to wash a yoga mat?

You might have heard of SAUCA aka cleanliness. Or you have heard that you should clean your yoga accessories such as yoga mat or cotton yoga rug.

But how to actually wash a yoga mat? 

Let's take a look at the most frequent questions among the Yogis!

Can yoga mats be put in the washing machine?

That depends on the material of your yoga mat and size of the washing machine :) 
Most of the yoga mats on the market are produced from polyester or PVC materials. These materials don't handle higher temperatures therefore your yoga mat might fall apart. If not by the cause of the temperature - it will get rolled over and over in the machine and will be damaged because of the impact of the process. 
On the other hand, If you get yourself a cotton yoga mat or Mysore yoga rug, washing will be super easy. 
Since the yoga rugs are mostly made of pure cotton - they are water and washing friendly. Not only absorbing the sweat but can be washed in the washing machine on gentle program or in the cold bucket wash.

How often do you wash your yoga mat?

Man practicing yoga in the park
That is very individual. Depends where, how and how often do you practice. Also if you sweat a lot during your sessions or not. In case you practiced in the park or you had your yoga rug outside, it's better if you wash it before next practice. 
man practicing chaturanga dandasana on cotton yoga mat
If you had a very challenging hot yoga or ashtanga yoga practice - do not let your rug stink because of absorbed sweat. When the yoga mat stinks it's already a bit late. Try not to reach that point and wash it before.

How do you clean a yoga mat naturally?

Soap nuts for natural wash of yoga rug

The most natural way is to vacuum clean your cotton yoga mat. Afterwards you can use natural detergent, mix it in the bucket and dip it in. Let it soak in the the water for not more than 10-15 minutes and then gently hand-wash it. Or you can use some natural powder available in your closest store.
If you do not want to it it manually wash your yogarug on a gentle eco program in the washing machine. The soap nuts are also a very popular option when coming down to natural washing. 
If you decide to go for that option, please do that after 3-5 washes because of the color bleeding.

How do you clean a rubber yoga mat?

That is a bit of a challenging question. You can swipe up the surface with a wet cloth. Use some essential oils such as mint or eucalyptus to prevent creation of bacteria. 
You can also splash some water and wipe it out but it will never be as clean as you would put it in the washing machine. 

What's next...

That's why we highly recommend you to get yourself a natural organic cotton yoga mat from Leela!
You will always have the opportunity to practice on a clean surface. Your skin will get benefits from the Ayurvedic herbs in the mat. No more bacteria and dust disturbing you and your Yoga practice. 
It's super sweat absorbent and washable. When you sweat it's not slippery and gives you perfect natural grip. 

So what are you waiting for? 
It's about time to upgrade your practice!Man practicing handstand on cotton yoga mat
You deserve it!
Have a look and pick one! 

Take care & Practice clean, 
Martin & Monika 
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