Organic cotton yoga mat vs Yoga rug

Organic cotton yoga mat vs Yoga rug

Organic cotton yoga mat vs Yoga rug?

This arising question is visible more and more.

What are the differences between these terms?

It Is the same thing said in different words!

shavasana position on cotton yoga mat

Yoga rugs or Cotton Yoga mats are usually made out of pure cotton. Ideally, they are manufactured on traditional wooden looms without using electricity.

Yoga rugs or yoga carpets were one of the very first yoga mats for yogis to practice on. Due to easy access to cotton and practicality of it.

It is easy to keep it clean because you can wash it.  And it's lighter than regular yoga mats so you can carry it around.


We should practice yoga also outside of yoga Shala and try to apply it to our daily lives. It’s worth to think about everything around us and being conscious about it.  What are we supporting with our money = energy

There are multiple factors which are affecting our practice and ourselves as well, obviously.

The most direct impact is the yoga mat or yoga rug that we practice on.

traditional mysore yoga mat for Ashtanga yoga

What is the most non-toxic yoga mat?

Maybe you know, maybe not, but we have been rated as TOP 3 non-toxic yoga mats Globally by Yoga Journal!

Using primary Organic Cotton for our mats and yoga rugs. The cotton is sourced naturally under the GOTS certificate.

Every yoga mat is handcrafted in local Indian villages where the tradition of hand looming was present over centuries.

Which type of material is best for a yoga mat?

I can personally say that I prefer to surround myself with as much nature as possible. That includes also materials that I wear and the yoga mat I practice on. Therefore, using a cotton yoga rug is the best for me.

It absorbs excessive sweat which prevents me from slipping during the practice. The more the yoga rug gets wet, the more I stick to it. Especially, I love the soft and warm feeling of natural cotton on my skin. The feeling of being ‘’sticked’’ to my mat is totally absent.

girl practicing flow yoga on pink yoga rug

What is the best thickness of mat for yoga?

I would say there is no ‘’one the best’’ ideal thickness, meaning one style fits all.

Depends on your health and how sensitive you are. And of course, on the surface where you practice yoga.

In general, most of the asanas are performed while standing and we don’t need too much cushioning under us. When performing seating positions, it's nicer to have some termo-isolation under, so we don’t get cold from the floor.

I use the 4mm yoga mat + I use a 3mm thick organic yoga rug. Usually, I do first rounds of sun salutation on the mat itself and then roll out my cotton yoga mat for the standing sequence and rest of the yoga practice.

If you have sensitive joints or if it is difficult for you to sit on the floor, use more cushioning – 5 – 6 mm thick yoga mat. If it is only a little discomfort which is not connected to health issues, try to practice on thinner mat and have more connection with the floor.

No matter which mat you choose or what thickness it is going to be.

The most important thing is that you keep your practice on.

Remember, stepping on the mat is half the challenge done!

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