Know the real wealth - Story of the Farmer  and the Diamond

Know the real wealth - Story of the Farmer and the Diamond

One night, a villager had a dream of a sadhu giving him a stone that made him very rich. He was quite astonished and wondered if this dream would really materialise.

To his pleasant surprise, he met a sadhu the very same day.

The holy man did not take any heed of him but kept on walking on his path.

The villager ran behind him and begged the noble man to bless him.

After uttering words of blessings, the Sadhu moved on again.

The villager once again ran behind him and begged, "O noble one, I had a dream early this morning in which Lord Siva told me that you would bless me with a stone that will wipe away my poverty."

The sadhu replied, "I do not have any stone to give you, but if you insist I will go through the only bag I have". The sadhu went through his bag and found a huge colourless crystal - a giant diamond. He gave it to the villager and said, "Maybe this is the stone that Siva wanted you to have. It is of no use to me. You may keep it.” The villager was astonished.

He took the stone and went home. He was very happy but could not sleep that night. The next morning, he went to seek the sadhu again, but he was not at the spot they met the previous day. So he trekked into the jungle and found the holy man walking deep inside. The villager ran up to the holy man and prostrated at his feet.

"What do you want from me now?" asked the sadhu.

The villager replied, "I want that wealth from you which makes you so rich that you do not mind giving away a diamond to me.”

The sadhu replied, “That wealth is called contentment.”

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