What is the best thickness of mat for yoga?

What is the best thickness of mat for yoga?

That depends on your condition. If you have some health issue or it is a question of comfort.

The thicker yoga mat is, the softer surface under you has but on the other hand in this way harder to stay balanced especially during standing positions.

Consider this for yourself before you jump straight to the next line.

backbend on non slip yoga mat

Which quality yoga mat is best?   

Most of the yoga mats have 4 - 6mm thickness. Since I practice on a wooden hard floor, I practice on a 4mm yoga mat + I use a 3mm thick organic yoga rug.

That gives me a solid foundation but also the yoga rug is not that ``foamy ‘as plastic yoga mats, so balancing is not an issue.

I prefer the quality of natural materials – in this case cotton. Cotton yoga rug has many factors which are super beneficial for you, your practice and planet. You can read about them here.

Ashtanga yoga primary series Prasarita Padottanasana on cotton yoga rug

What size should a yoga mat be? 

The Yoga industry is booming and it’s more and more popular to see different dimensions and shapes of yoga mats.

The most popular yoga mats on the market are still in format longer than wider - rectangle

Yoga mat should not limit you during your practice. It should fit the size of your body and it shouldn’t distract you from your practice as well. Not excessive colours, texts, crazy designs.

Also, it shouldn’t be too small so your hands or legs will be sticking out.

Leela yoga rugs are a combination of all the mentioned factors. They are wider and longer than usual yoga mats. We made sure to cover it as much as possible so the plastic mat won't stick from under it. It provides you great cushioning for your body, natural organic cotton is soft to the skin. Yoga rug is also heavier than a yoga towel so it will stay on one spot during the whole practice and won’t distract you.

It is time to upgrade your practice and bring it to the next level!
Practice on Leela yogarug. Practice clean.

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