What should I do and feel in Shavasana?

What should I do and feel in Shavasana?

Finally, shavasana!

Our practice can be often physically demanding and sometimes long, especially when practicing ashtanga sequence and if we are ‘’switching’’ from the first to second series. We don’t have enough postures in the second series yet so we have to combine it with postures from primary. Practice can be stretched up to 2 and half hours. We are all looking forward to relaxation at the end – sweet Shavasana!

What should we do in shavasana?

Shavasana is a posture like any other, we have to be fully aware and experience the posture to its full extent. Even though we are often tired from practice or from stressful periods in our job, shavasana should not be an escape in the sense that we will just fall into a deep sleep.

Even though sleep relaxes us, it is a tamasic state of mind. With yoga practice we want to increase sattva in our mind. If I can’t sleep than I will be thinking of my shopping list for the dinner

Well, too many thoughts aren’t good either. They increase rajas in our mind and pull us towards the action.

What should be my aim in Shavasana then?

Calm Body, active mind. Active not in the sense that I am having so many thoughts about what I will do later today. Active & observative mind towards myself, my inner feelings & experience from the practice. What is happening inside, why am I feeling what I am feeling? Where is it coming from?

Ultimate goal

After some time of yoga practice when we understand how to work with our mind, how to discriminate the feelings from ourselves and just observe, there will be nothing at one point. I won’t be asleep, I won’t be active either. I will be aware of nothingness. As my teacher said, this state is very close to samadhi.

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