Yogini practicing stretching on white organic cotton yoga mat in the oldest shala in Mysore - Kushi yoga foundation

Soft, softer, the softest. That’s exactly how our mats are!

We set out goal to create a mat which would be comfortable to practice on!

Softness and wellbeing for your body and skin has been our overriding principle.

No compromises!

Softness, functionality & durability go hand in hand in Leela’s goodies.

#softest yoga mat


Organic cotton white looms ready for weaving process. Subsequently the looms are dyed in herbal dyes and hand weaved into yoga rugs

GOTS certified organic cotton

We decided to go back to the roots, to the times where there were no synthetic materials & dyes.

We proudly use GOTS  certified cotton for production of our yoga rugs & towels. 

After a few grades of development, we arrived at unique blend of organic cotton infused with pure herbs as the ultimate formula for healthy body & mind & wellbeing. 

#pratcice healthy


''Such a misconception that plastic or rubber are the only materials to practice on. You will never feel more comfortable with your practice''

 LANA, Dubai, Practicing on upcycled yoga mat



Sweaty hands of the girl practicing on cotton yoga mat. Organic cotton yoga mat can give you grip if you sweat a lot.
Designed for strong asana practice

Organic cotton fibers are longer and stronger than the conventional cotton which is a big advantage for us because it gives our rugs and towels resistance and durability during strong asana practice.

#practice strong





A your boy in black t-shirt is wrapping himself in yellow organic towel after yoga practice. Next to him there is a girl wrapped into herbal dyed green towel. They just finished practicing yoga practice and they are chilling in the garden.

While functionality remains our primary focus; the need for protection of our skin can not be overstated when it comes to yoga mat.

Keeping your wellbeing in mind, in Leela’s organic division we dyes free of AZO compounds; a known carcinogenic prevalent in textile industry.





Dry herbs set up on the table ready for dyeing process. Leela uses them for dyeing the yoga rugs & towels.

Non only toxins free, but enriched with medicinal properties

Leela's organic yoga rugs and bath towels are infused with herbs! 

Yes, you are reading correctly, we use entire herbs and plants to dye our towels and mats. 

What's the outcome?

Not only beautiful colors with natural shades, but also your skin health and your overall wellbeing!

                                                                                       #ayurvedic medicine


''I’ve tried many many yoga mats...until I had a chance to get a yoga rug!

It’s a whole new horizon. Not even to mention, your purpose of helping local weavers is truly admirable.

I really love what you’re doing and I want to be part of Leela family and supporting the creation of top quality yoga rugs. 

I believe that Leela products will be known to more and more people. Please keep contact and let me know if you’re releasing new products!''

Ramos, Vietnam, Practicing on Marigold yoga mat


Young girl is resting in balasana on blue & pink cotton yoga mat. She is in the garden on the green grass.


LEELA mats are 10 cm longer and 10 cm wider that regular yoga mats.

It will give you incredible space for your asana practice.

Even in shavasana your hands will relax on warm cotton mat rather than cold floor.

#extra wide yoga mat




Asian girl is doing namaskara with her hands sitting on blue cotton yoga rug in the desert in Dubai. Yoga in the desert.

The main purpose of yoga is connection. Connection with the earth electrons which are grounding us. 

Mats made from plastic are keeping us isolated from what we are actually looking for. 

Cotton mat is doing a really good job. As a natural material it is helping us to connect better but still protect us, when we need some clean surface to practice on. 

#earth friendly mat


Young girl in grey t-shirt is doing balasana on yellow organic cotton yoga rug in the garden.

Organic cotton fibers are longer, stronger & softer than the conventional cotton. We don't treat them with any chemicals or color stabilizers. 

It is a big advantage for us because it gives our rugs and towels resistance and durability during strong asana practice.

#clean materials





Get it and be addicted to it! This ultra soft and Ayurvedic herbal dyed rug with its unique design will absolutely give delight to your daily practice. Highly recommend for those who want top quality yoga rug and after-sale service.



Hands of young girls are sweating on the cotton yoga mat. Cotton yoga mat can give you grip if you are sweating.

When a plastic mat slips, the cotton mat grips. 

The cotton mat can absorb a huge amount of sweat, which will help you with your grip while practicing. 

When the plastic mat gets wet, it is slippery. Opposite is true with the rugs.

The more you sweat, the more you stick to the mat. 

#extra grip 


Sweaty hands on blue cotton yoga mat. Cotton yoga mat gives you grip when plastic mat slips.

It can be sometimes very dangerous if your sweat will stay on the mat. 

Your hand can slip in the transitions or drop backs and your might badly injure yourself. 

Since the rug is 3 mm thick, it has enough capacity to absorb all the sweat and keep you safe during whole practice. 

#practice safe 



Woman hands with foam in the bathroom. Cotton rug is best washed by hands in cold water with natural washing powder.

Say bye to stinky mat

Yes, you can wash your entire rug. 

Once your cotton mat gets sweaty, you can wash it properly. 

While you can only wipe off your mat and not really wash it, opposite is true with your rug.

Make your practice a non stinky experience!

#practice clean


''The life changing thing for me was, that I can just wash it! It is a huge thing for me, as I sweat a lot. It was impossible to wipe off all the sweat from the mat...all my mats started to stink after some time, I could not get rid of that smell. 

Once I wash my rug, I will put in a few drops of essential oil...since then, my practice has become aromatherapy also.''

Martina, Slovakia, Practicing on Upcycled yoga rug


Local Indian artisan is sitting behind the looms ready to weave organic cotton yoga mat. Supporting human beings, not machines
We are closely collaborating with local artisans and supporting their livelihoods.

Their craft is the only thing they can do! We don't want to let it's extinction. By supporting them we can help them to stay with their families so they do not need to travel far away to the big cities to look for a job. 

#supporting local craft



Indian woman sitting behind the looms and weaving organic shavasana towel.
In our weaving centers, we employ both the men and women.
We are supporting integration of rural women to the society so they are not fully depended on their husbands. 
If they have kids or other household duties, they can choose their work schedule according to their needs. 
#empovering women


Extension of Leela products

In Leela we believe that the packaging is the extension of our effort to keep the products as clean as possible. 
As well as our products, the packaging we use from wastebased.co is fully compostable & climate positive. Wastebased.co is creating the mailer made from peals of fruits & veggies.
By supporting Leela you contribute to protection of the nature. 
You are helping zero waste business and creating zero impact on the environment! 
Once you get your products, you can throw the mailer into the compost together with your BIO waste and it will completely decompose up to 3 months!
                                                                                     #plastic-free packaging

Thank you for creating cleaner future and plastic free yoga practice! 

                                    MONIKA & MARTIN, founders of Leela yoga rugs