Skyrockets your inner strenght & Supports your flexibility

Builds Solid Core Muscles & Prevent Injuries 

yoga teacher in organic tshirt, shows how to do bhujapidasana pose on the pvc free yoga mat during the yoga class outdoors


If you want to build strength and create natural mobility in your body, start using a cotton mat.

Extra grippy mat is a prop and it is obstructing you from gaining the strength you will need further in your yoga practice.

Prasarita padottanasana is one good example.

Sticky mat vs. cotton rug

When your legs are spread on the sticky mat, sooner or later when you relax into the pose all the pressure will end up in your ankles.

By using a cotton mat, you have to hold your legs with the strength of your muscles.

It can be challenging at the beginning because it takes more time & effort to develop all the minor tissues but it's absolutely worthed.

Your body will be thankful later on.

Extra grip allows you to relax and be in pose passively whether the rug will make you work on your own strength.

Especially the standing poses are the ones which train your legs to become stronger.

If you do not build that strength at the beginning it might come back to you later in form of injury when you will need the strength in more advanced asanas.   


yoga teacher shows urdva mukha svanasana during the class. Practicing on organic yoga mat close to water and buddha statue

Sadhana Pada, sutra nr. 46

´´Sthiram Sukham Asanam ´´Posture should be steady & comfortable.

Yes, you should get there by the practice. If is neither steady nor comfortable at the beginning.  You have to build the strength by yourself. Not by buying a sticky mat which will hold you there.

Extra grip allows you to be in the asana passively without using your own strength.

Hand grip – the young generation is losing the strength of the grip because we are not working much outside, not carrying things… Technology made most of the things too easy for us, so we are becoming weak.

Unconsciously we are using extra grippy mats or towels and not working on our grip even on yoga classes.

Foot grip - Same what applies for hands and fingers also applies for feet and toes. Most of the days we keep out feet closed in uncomfortable tight shoes so they are losing their grip and natural movement. Luckily, we can be barefoot at yoga classes and train the grip of our feet.

All the standing poses in yoga sequences are training our feet 'grip & balance which comes as a result of it.

Cotton mat can help you to increase your grip strength, overall strength & connection to natural materials!


yoga teacher doing utthita parsvakonasana of primary series standing sequence of ashtanga yoga. Using yellow GOTS yoga rug